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User conditions

lecoinbadminton.com users are required to read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions stated on this page. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

No element on lecoinbadminton.com can be used or reproduced without the site owner's explicit written consent.

Le Coin Badminton is committed to present information that is as exact as possible, however we decline any responsibility relative to errors that could appear on the site.



All our products and services are subject to taxes.

Shipping and handling fees are extras.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Product Availability

Some products listed on lecoinbadminton.com can be unavailable. In such events, the customer will be contacted and refunded if the restock delays are not accepted by the customer.


Privacy policy

All personal information transmitted by Le Coin Badminton's customers to lecoinbadminton.com is confidential and will stay confidential. We are opposed to any personal information traffic and we engage to use our users' personal information only to process orders and contact them, if necessary.


Return policies

All sales on lecoinbadminton.com are final and non refundable. However if an error was made by Think Badminton's staff while processing your order or if an item is deffective upon arrival, the customer can return the unused merchandise in its original package in a 10 days delay from the day the merchandise was delivered.

There are no warranties on strings. The buyer is responsible of choosing the right strings for his style of play. As such, if a player wishes to avoid premature string breakage, they should choose strings with a thicker gauge.



Le Coin Badminton offers the manufacturer/distributor's warranty on all its products. We play an intermediate role between the customer and the manufacturer/distributor and any decision concerning the product's replacement is made by the manufacturer/distributor. Products declared as deffective by the manufacturer/distributor will be replaced immediately by the same product or a product of the same value if the product is no longer available.