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Le Coin Badminton | Pickleball | Tennis is a leader in stringing services, providing superior quality stringing services by trained and certified professionals!

Our Chief Stringer is one of the few stringers in Canada to have the Master Racquet Technician certification offered by the United States Racquet Services Association. He is also one of the only Canadians permitted to evaluate the skills of professional stringers for professional certifications.

All of our stringers have followed an extensive training, ensuring highly superior skills than the average stringers. 

Lastly, we use the latest professional equipment to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency for our string jobs! We notably own the only Victor VE-80 professional stringing machine in America! This latest generation machine offers maximal support to protect your racquet during stringing as well as superior precision for the tension of your strings!


Strings contribute to 50% of the performances of your racquet; trust a real professional and you will certainly feel the difference! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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