Which type of tennis strings should I use ?

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Which type of tennis strings should I use ?

What types of string are currently available?

With hundreds of different strings available on the market, it is normal to get find yourself a bit lost when it comes to choosing one! Fortunately, all these strings can usually be grouped according to their structure. Strings with a similar structure will have similar playing characteristics.

Natural Gut

Built from bovine gut, this string has the best comfort, maintains tension better than all other types of strings, generates a lot of power and has excellent playability. It is by far the most expensive of all strings and it is not very durable.


Composed of hundreds of very fine filaments, these strings are powerful and offer very good playability, good tension retention and offer excellent comfort. Multi-filament strings are less control oriented and can break quickly for very powerful players.

Synthetic gut (synthetic gut)

Normally made of nylon, synthetic gut string is usually the least expensive. They offer average performance in all aspects and represent an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate players.

Polyester (Mono-filament)

Typically composed of a single polyester filament, polyester strings are stiff strings that offer a good degree of control and effect. These strings have conquered the market and professional circuit over the past 15 years. Due to their stiffness, polyester strings are not recommended for beginners and players with arm or elbow pain.

Hybrid strings

In tennis, there is always a trade-off between playability and durability or between power and control. This has led to the current tendency to combine two different strings in order to obtain the benefits of both strings. For example, Roger Federer uses a natural gut string in his vertical strings and a polyester string in his horizontal strings. This allows him to have more durable strings than a stringbed with only natural gut string but also gives him more comfort than a stringbed made entirely of polyester. In a hybrid string, vertical strings are considered dominant. It is therefore preferable to put the string having the most desired characteristics in the vertical strings.

How to know the type of a string?

In general, the type of string will be written on the string's packaging like this:


Make sure to ask our stringing specialists in store or by phone about which strings you should use and they will be more than happy to help you out with this tough choice!



  Playability Comfort Power Control Spin Durability Tension Maintenance Price
Natural Gut




Synthetic Gut